What are your hours of operation? 

Currently our regular hours are:
- Monday to Saturday: 11am to 7pm
- Sunday: Noon-5pm
Please watch our facebook for holiday hours as they vary :)

 What if I want to buy stuff?

The best way to keep current with what we have in store is to follow us us on facebook. We post very frequently, and we're always getting in new stuff, so facebook will help you stay up to date with what's currently in at the shoppe. Then, come on down! Our lovely associates would be more than happy to help you find that perfect purchase. 

Copy and paste this badboy into your browser to link to our facebook. You don't even need a profile to see the page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sanctuary-Curio-Shoppe/189178591121817

For online purchases, we can only ship within Canada. Message us on fb with the item you desire (remember, our stock moves pretty quickly, so the chances of an item from a post from a year ago still being in stock is pretty slim, but feel free to message us anyway, just in case), and we will send you a paypal invoice that you can pay via paypal (and yes, you will need a paypal account to do this- but it's free!). Once the shipment clears, we will ship your item out to you via Canada Post. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

- Cash
- Debit card
- Mastercard
- Visa
- Official Traveller's Cheques 

When we're out and about at special events, you may use:

- Cash
- Mastercard
- Visa

Do you sell Gift Certificates? Yes, Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be used on any purchase in the shop.  Also, they don't expire. EXTRA AWESOME.

Can I put something "on hold" to purchase on a later day?  No, unfortunately we do not hold anything.  It's always first come, first serve, but we do offer a layaway option (see below).

What are your layaway terms? You can arrange to layaway any item in the shop by putting down a minimum of 25% of the final cost (including GST).  We will hold that item for 1 month. You can come in and pay off the remaining balance anytime before the end of the month. Once you lock in an item on layaway, you cannot substitute that item for another, or use that balance toward anything else.  The person who makes the final payment must be listed on the layaway agreement and we may ask for photo I.D.  The item will be released when final payment is made.  If you fail to complete your layaway terms you forfeit your deposit. 

What is your return, exchange and guarantee policy? Due to the nature of all the curiosities that we carry, our policy is strictly " All Sales Final " with no return or exchange privileges. Any product guarantees are the area of the manufacturer and Sanctuary cannot act as your agent with them. Keep this in mind when shopping because we don't want you to buy something that you don't actually want.

 Why doesn't anyone answer the phone? We feel that customers in the store deserve our full attention. Most calls to a business phone tend to be from suppliers trying to drum up more business, advertisers, charities, friends calling for staff, and other distractions that are better handled when one of our staff has time to return the calls.  We do try to check messages 3 times daily and call back as soon as possible.

Can we rent costumes? No.  Many people think we are a costume shop but we consider ourselves a haven for alternative fashion.  We do not rent our clothing, accessories or any other products, but you will find that the fine original designer clothing is well worth the price to buy.


Do you have customer parking? Yes! We have several stalls for customers to use while shopping in the alleyway behind the shoppe. To keep them available for our customers, these stalls are monitored night and day by a towing company. Any vehicles left without its owner in the shop will be towed.

Do you have a public washroom? No, but there is a lovely public washroom mere minutes from our shoppe on the corner of 103rd Street and 82 Avenue. 

Why do you limit try ons?  Our designer clothing can sometimes have unusual sizing and specialized fits.  Designer clothing is in a higher price bracket.  If you are not serious about purchasing a piece, we prefer that you do not try it on; With each try on you run the risk of damage and will be responsible to pay for it.  We like to keep our clothing in the best condition possible for the customer who ultimately buys it.  Our staff is here to assist you, please ask for their help in the areas of sizing, fit and budget.  

Why is hygiene so important? Please make your shopping days a good hygiene day in order to avoid damaging a garment that you will be responsible to pay for.  We reserve the right to refuse service if we think you may damage the clothing.  

Why do you make visitors leave bags, food and drinks at the front counter?  It's in everyone's best interest for you to ditch your bag.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your bag in the designated area , we will be happy to stow it for you behind our till where the public doesn't have access to it.  We've had people drip food and drinks onto our product and displays in the past and knock over fragile items with their shop bags and backpacks.  We ask everyone to stash their bags so please don't feel targeted when we approach you.  It wouldn't be fair to ask only a select few to follow this policy. We truly appreciate your keen support in this sometimes difficult task.  Thank you for respecting Sanctuary.

Why do you insist on polite behaviour in the store?  Sanctuary is a family environment.  We prefer that customers keep foul language and conversation topics in check when in the store.  We don't need you dropping F-bombs when there could be kids in the store... or anyone else who thinks swearing is lame.   English is a rich language full of a variety of adjectives and adverbs that would work as better descriptors than the word "Fuck." Really.  You can do this :) We have a strict "Be Nice or Leave" policy, which we hate to have to enforce, but won't hesitate to do so if needed. 


How do I get a job at Sanctuary?  Drop off a resume and a handwritten cover letter.  Resumes all tend to look the same after a while, so bling yours up and add your personal flare to your cover letter.  Drawings, decorations and unique presentations always welcome.  We have a small staff and do not hire very often, but we will be happy to take your resume and keep it on file for a time when we are actively looking.

How can I get my products in your store? If you feel you have a suitable product for this environment, please send a query letter to sanctuarycurios@hotmail.com describing your product.  Photos and a price list are always helpful.  If we feel that we can sell your product, you will be invited to come and show it to us during a weekday (we are too busy on the weekends to view product).  If we decide to carry your product we will review the terms with you then. Please keep in mind that we are a small store with minimal space so don't be offended if we can't carry your stuff.  We have to be super selective as we just don't have the room for products that are not exactly on target for us.  We are interested only in items that can be exclusive to our store.  

That item is awesome! May I have the supplier information? Please respect our wishes to keep supplier information confidential.